"Tobi is absolutely fantastic. Her work is truly transformative. She provides a safe environment to assess deep blockages in my emotional and spiritual bodies. Her combined use of Craniosacral Therapy and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) releases these blocks. It is very effective and rather quick and easy compared to many other techniques that I have tried."

Allen Imbarrato
President Ki Systems, Inc
Thousand Oaks, CA


"After my two car accidents I turned to Tobi to guide my recovery. I find her care to be magical. With her keen chiropractic skills she seems to quickly identify the source of pain and is patient and persistent in helping to release it. While I used to say that acupuncture brought the deepest relaxation, her cranial sacral work is the most relaxing and gentlest treatment I've felt. I appreciate that she continues these methods with extremely practical support, such as finding me the perfect pillow and providing easy at home exercises. It's a joy to be her patient."

Gina Airey
Santa Monica, CA