Dr Tobi RedlichDr. Tobi Redlich is a doctor of Chiropractic, who works with a variety of non-force techniques, often in combination, to achieve beneficial results for her patients. Each patient comes with a unique set of issues and not all modalities are appropriate for everyone. Dr. Redlich practices Network Spinal Analysis (NSA), CranioSacral Therapy (CST), Activator, EFT, NAET, and creates Individualized Flower Essence Remedies. She also uses a muscle testing technique, Applied Kinesiology, to assess and address the nutritional needs of her patients. It is a Synergistic Approach.

Both NSA and CST release tension on the spinal cord, and correct misalignments of the spine and cranium. The sessions are very gentle, relaxing, and therapeutic. A common response is the feeling of great well being, usually accompanied by a reduction in pain and symptoms.


Neck and Back Pain (Chronic and Acute)
Headaches, Sinus Conditions
TMJD (Jaw Pain)
Cranial Nerve Disorders (i.e. Bell's Palsy)
History of Head Trauma

Activator is a technique that uses a mechanical, spring loaded instrument with a small rubber tip, to align the spine, and relieve muscle tension. EFT and NAET are modalities that work with the body's meridian system. EFT, Emotional Freedom Techniques, was originally developed to help people overcome phobias, but has since been recognized as being useful in many areas of psychology, Dr Tobi Redlichsuch as post traumatic stress syndrome (PTSD), as well as helping with physical conditions. NAET, Nambudripad's Allergy Elimination Technique, is a non-invasive method of treating allergies. It is able to desensitize the nervous system to a vast spectrum of allergens.

Nutrition plays an important role in our health and sometimes we are missing key nutrients to maximize our health and vitality. There are also foods that may be distressing to the body and need to be avoided, often temporarily.

Flower Essence Remedies are unique and special formulas that address our emotional and spiritual needs. They work very much like Homeopathic remedies and are completely safe and pure.

Dr. Tobi Redlich has been practicing "Network Spinal Analysis" in combination with CranioSacral Therapy for the past ten years. She studied "Network" under Dr. Donald Epstein, D.C., its founder, and CranioSacral Therapy under Dr. John Upledger, D.O., the Upledger Institute and under Dr. Hugh Milne, D.O. She received her D.C. Degree from Cleveland Chiropractic College, LA. in 1997.

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