Dr. Tobi Redlich is a Flower, Gem, and Star Essence Practitioner.. She has studied with the Bach Flower School as well as with other practitioners. She has been working with energetic remedies for the past twelve years. In 2006 Dr. Redlich made a trip to Peru and had the great opportunity to learn from a medicine man, Don Guillermo, and to experience the abundant world of plants and flowers of the Peruvian jungle.

Dr. Redlich is especially gifted in formulating combination remedies. She is able to see the connections between the remedies and how they synergistically work together. She started by developing specific combinations for her patients, working with over three hundred individual essences. She has since expanded and created combination remedies for Adults, Children, Canines, and Felines.

Dr. Redlich works with a vast knowledge of essences, as well as her intuition and creativity to create her remedies. She is committed to assisting others in their journey towards mental, physical, and spiritual wellbeing.


Individualized Remedies are available for you, your child and your pets! There are occasions when you may need a specific formula to address the currant issues in your life, and an Individualized Remedy would be appropriate. Please call if you would like one of these remedies made. A consultation can be done over the phone.


Cost: Individualized Remedy and Consultation $45.00