What is Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)?

At first blush, Emotional Freedom Technique, or EFT, seems to be too good to be true. They say, "Try it on everything." Symptoms from the common cold to common phobias such as the fear of public speaking, heights, and spiders have been alleviated. But how and why does this work? This is the point at which I must say, it isn't that simple, and yet, at times it is.

EFT is a part of the growing field of Meridian Based Therapies, which is to say, based on Chinese Acupuncture. It is a method of releasing traumas that have become stuck in the body; a psychological version of Acupuncture, without the needles. Instead, the body's energy system is balanced by tapping your fingertips on selected points along these pathways.

Along with the tapping there are words that are repeated that encourage the resistance held in the body to surrender and come to the surface. Often, cognitive shifts happen as a result of trauma being released. New awareness emerges.


Whenever we experience a trauma, our body records the event. The trauma may be physical, emotional or both, either way our body remembers the experience on an energetic and cellular level, even if we have consciously forgotten it. Our bodies are sort of like the court stenographer who, records every word spoken, unless the judge says, "strike that from the record", but of course, the jury can't forget it and neither do our bodies.

If we cut ourselves a scar may form. The scars due to emotional trauma may appear as phobias, post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), over eating, or insecurity, to name a few. It is a highly individual matter, how we process shock, or emotional abuse, and much of that depends on the circumstances, for example, how old we are at the time and whether or not it was ongoing.


We have all experienced trauma. No escaping that. What is known is that our bodies keep track of our experiences via our electrical and energy fields. Gary Craig, EFT's founder says, "The cause of all negative emotion is a disruption in the body's electrical system." EFT is an elegant approach to clearing those disruptions, and it has helped many people get relief from anxiety, physical pain, weight issues and more. The mind/body connection is no longer a new idea.

Dr. Candice Pert, one of the pioneering scientists in the field of psychoneuroimmunology, and the author of Molecules of Emotion, proved in the lab, that emotions are comprised of molecules. They are more physical than anyone had ever imagined! Dr. Pert says, "EFT is at the forefront of the new healing movement."

It should be noted that EFT is not 100% effective and there are those with severe emotional and physical disabilities who should, of course, seek medical care appropriate to their condition. Always check with your therapist, if you are already under care, before embarking on a new type of therapy.

EFT is a simple technique to learn and it is available to anyone who wants to learn it. Just go to www.emofree.com and you can download a free manual. For the tough issues it is advisable to find someone who has experience with EFT to guide you, especially in the beginning. Often, he/she is able to tune into the unseen issues and they would be familiar with some of the more common stumbling blocks. EFT truly can bring emotional freedom to those who desire it, and who are willing to do some personal inquiry, and then tap.

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