CranioSacral Therapy

CranioSacral Therapy

We are all familiar with the circulatory and respiratory systems of the body, at least in general terms. Our heart pumps blood into our arteries, and we have a heart rate which is the number of times it beats per minute. We breathe oxygen into our lungs and breathe carbon dioxide out, and we have a respiratory rate, breaths per minute. Many of us are less aware of our craniosacral system, which is equally important. This system includes the cranium, spine and sacrum, as well as the continuous membrane of connective tissue that surrounds our brain and spinal cord and the Foxglove cerebrospinal fluid that rises and falls in between that tissue. That continuous tissue has three layers and is referred to as the dura. The brain and spinal cord, i.e. the central nervous system, is bathed in CSF and is nourished by it. The movement of that fluid creates the craniosacral rhythm, eight to twelve cycles per minute. This fluid is made in the brain from blood plasma, and is the fluid taken in a spinal tap procedure, to check for meningitis.

Craniosacral therapy has its roots in osteopathy and was first developed by William Sutherland. He noticed that the way that the 22 bones of the skull were joined together was actually designed for movement. Before this, it was thought that these bones were fused. Dr. John Upledger, D.O., has done further research on Sutherland's findings and coined the term, craniosacral therapy.

CST works by balancing the flow of the CSF, and by removing interferences created by compressed cranial bones, and adhesions along the spinal cord. It also facilitates proper functioning of the central nervous system, which controls all the systems of the body.

Through the stresses of daily living, emotional and physical, trauma and toxicity, our bodies accumulate so-called areas of inertia. These are imprints of unresolved stresses, and this translates into pain and decreased function. CST is an ideal method for releasing these trapped and congested areas. RoseThe craniosacral therapist is trained to listen with his or her hands to the subtle messages that are being sent our via the craniosacral rhythm and then to gently release and open up these blocked areas, sometimes areas that have been blocked for years.

The rhythm is detected through gentle palpation. Then, the therapist releases restrictions in the system by a light touch, usually no more than 5 grams, the weight of a nickel. This complements and enhances the body's own healing processes. CST stimulates the immune system and is often used as a preventative measure as well as treatment for a wide range of disorders, such as migraines and sinus pain, jaw pain (great after visiting the dentist), as well as chronic neck and back pain. These treatments are so gentle that patients often doze off during a treatment. This is due to the entire nervous system relaxing and being balanced.

This holistic healing modality is appropriate for all ages, from infants to the elderly. It is safe, gentle and therapeutic.

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