Balance In Partnership - Working with Flower Essences

Flower essences vibrate with and awaken particular qualities of the soul-just as strumming the C-string on a guitar will cause the same note to vibrate on another guitar in the same room. And just as your soul may be moved by a piece of music-sound vibration- flower essences heal by resonance.

Flower Essences are liquid extracts generally taken orally, to address profound issues of emotional well-being, soul development, and mind-body health. They are prepared by sun infusion. When the flowers of a particular plant are in full bloom, the blossoms are cut and placed in a bowl of spring water; the bowl is then placed in sunlight for several hours to infuse the water with the vibrational essence of the flower. The blossoms are then discarded, and the water, which now holds the essential vibrational blueprint of the whole plant, is further diluted, and then preserved in brandy. Each drop of the essence is a holographic imprint of the entire configuration of the plant's archetype.

Dr Tobi Redlich Flower essences transmit their information through the electrical medium of water. They work on our electrical and nervous systems via the acupuncture meridians, and flood our auras with the living, vibrational healing properties of each essence. They do not have biochemical properties, so they are nontoxic and safe to use by themselves or in conjunction with other therapies.

What do we mean by resonance and vibrational healing? Like musical instruments that resonate in-synch, like the buzz of energy in a lively coffeehouse, or like the palpable tension in a room when people are arguing, resonance-or dissonance-is simply vibrational frequency. Similarly, each flower essence resonates with and awakens particular qualities in the soul. For example, Zinnia, a bright, delicate flower, connects us to our childlike qualities of joy and laughter, and reminds us when we are taking ourselves a bit too seriously.

One way we can know about the healing properties of a particular plant or flower is through the Doctrine of Signatures. In simple terms, this doctrine's idea is that some plants are marked with a sign (signature), to indicate its purpose. This doctrine states that a part of a plant can actually resemble a part of the human anatomy, ( kidney beans resemble the human kidney), and point to the illness-be it physical, mental, or spiritual-that the plant can then heal. flowerA signature can also be an energetic quality such as its ability to thrive under harsh conditions, such as cacti. A plant may lead us to its curative qualities by its color, shape, or texture. An example of this would be the sunflower which is yellow and therefore has an opening affect on our solar plexus which in turn encourages inner strength and our ability to respond to our environment. It also encourages us to shine like the sun. It is believed that this Doctrine of Signatures was first recognized by Paracelsus, an alchemist and scientist of the 1500s.

Why do flowers hold unique and divine qualities? One reason is that they instinctively, and literally, go towards the light. They absorb the divine qualities directly from the sun's rays. They are focused in their intense aspiration for enlightenment. For another reason, they are the fully realized expression of a particular plant, and hold the highest concentration of life force of that plant. A colorful display of beauty and fragrance, flowers contain the nectar for birds and insects, and the pollination for future generations. While no two blossoms are exactly alike, we all can visualize a red rose or pink carnation. And, too, flowers and plants are balanced, for they know the light as well as the earth's darkness into which they burrow their roots and receive its nourishment of water and minerals.

The heart of flower essence therapy is that it sparks a dialog between our soul and nature's soul. The human conscious mind and the plant kingdom are closely connected. We are able to contact our own essential nature and restore harmony within ourselves flowerby resonating with the qualities developed in the plant world. Flower essences are catalysts for soul growth rather than remedies to fix our problems. They raise our vibrations and open up our channels to receive the spiritual self. They bring balance, and so bring us peace, and relieve our suffering. These vibrations harmonize our personalities with our souls.

Dissonance and conflict are most often the cause of disease; the conflict forces some kind of resolution. Disease distorts frequencies within or between different levels of the auric field and the physical body. Flower essences can be preventative medicine in this case, because they restore our electrical balance and help us resolve internal conflicts. It should be emphasized that flower essences are not meant to replace traditional medicine, and those with serious health issues should consult the health care professional of their choice. When disease has already lodged itself in the physical body, flower essences may not be sufficient medical care to cure the disease. However, they would be useful in conjunction with other treatments, especially in the area of emotional support. Flower essences work to foster health rather than fight disease.

One of the great gifts of flower essences are that they help us adapt to the shifts we experience and often resist. Change is one thing we can count on. If life stood still it would no longer be life. Staying present with ongoing changes can challenge us. In general, we use our habitual patterns to avoid the exact moment in which we find ourselves. Often if we look for a quick fix to avoid pain and suffering, we're disappointed when it doesn't work. But if we are able to adapt to our internal shifts, we become more aware of our habitual behavior patterns that do not serve us well. This is an educational as well as spiritual process on the road to self-discovery. Taking flower essences helps us adapt to the changes inherent to our self awakening journey.


Adapting to changing times is difficult for animals as well. A new pet in the house, a move, any transition can be jarring to our beloved pets. They respond remarkably well to flower essences. Just a couple drops in their water bowl of the appropriate essence and their sense of well-being will improve immediately and noticeably. The essence of Walnut comes to mind. Walnut essence guides us gently through difficult transitions while remaining true to ourselves, relieving us of doubt and confusion.

Another lesson flowers hold for us is that each is fully itself without excuse or need to be something else-an exquisite expression of perfection, an aesthetic delight for our sense of sight and smell. Flower essences capture the vibratory elegance of potential fully realized. This is why it is so satisfying to see flowers, whether in a field or vase. They reflect back to us our own beauty and possibility. Each flower is unique in color, shape, and quality-some delicate and fragile, like the orchid, others robust and hearty like the sunflower. All the flowers of this Earth hold a great wealth of information that can be applied to the healing of our bodies, our minds, and our spirits. Humans are multifaceted, and so we have the opportunity to learn and absorb the wisdom from many flowers that grace our planet. As we evolve we are flowering in our own unique way. It is a wonderful opportunity to allow in guidance from the "Enlightened Ones."

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Body, Mind and Spirit as Support during Peri-menopause


Remember puberty? Well, peri-menopause is another time of hormonal fluctuations, and it can be challenging. There is a lot one can do to alleviate symptoms and support one's body, mind, and spirit during this transition. Peri-menopause is the time a woman's body is adjusting to lower estrogen levels and ultimately ending her menstrual cycle. This span of time can take several years and every woman has her own set of issues. Some have a rather easy time of it, while others are ready to jump off the Empire State Building.

I can't stress this enough, this the most crucial time for a woman to take excellent care of herself. This is because it is rather easy to fall out of balance, not much wiggle room here. It's not like when we were in our twenties and we could get away with eating and drinking too much and exercising and sleeping too little. Sadly, it may be one of the toughest times to be able to do this, considering the hormonal swings which may affect one's mental faculties.

One suggestion is to take time for yourself, quite time, like in meditation or prayer, a time for centering, everyday. Stay connected to your feelings and emotions and don't try to suppress them. Connect with your breathe and be present. This can be done with all of the physical symptoms that arise. Example:" Wow, this is a really hot hot flash! It feels like I am cooking on the inside. It is starting in my chest and moving into my neck and face. It is a combination of tingling and burning. I am forming beads of sweat on my forehead, etc." and continue to watch the entire experience. It also helps to leave out any judgment and just observe. This can transform your experience. Give it a try.

Next, exercise, approximately four hours a week, it doesn't have to be strenuous, but it wouldn't hurt to do a minimal amount of weight bearing exercise to ensure strong bones. Get enough sleep. What's enough? Go to bed, and when you wake up, that's enough. Our society places a stigma on sleep and it is to our detriment. We are desperately sleep deprived!

Eat a nutritious diet. You know the routine, yes, lots of vegetables and fruits, but mostly veggies, in lesser amounts; grains, protein, and healthy fats (virgin coconut oil, olive oil, fish oils and small amounts of butter (no margarine!). Stay hydrated, drink lots of fluids, especially water, the body is hot flashing the water right out and it needs to be replenished! Another important suggestion is to find a creative outlet of some kind, anything that is enjoyable to you, it has been found to have a notable, positive affect on serotonin levels, and serotonin makes us feel good naturally. Meditation, yoga, Tai Chi, walking, dancing, all creative activity will help during this time of transformation, healing and rebirth.


In addition, there are many alternative health care approaches, depending on one's unique issues. Like it or not, this is a time of change, hence it has been called "The Change", and with it may come a time of grieving. If one can surrender to the moment and release former roles and societal concepts of age and value, one can then embrace the rebirth into wholeness and the next chapter of life. This change happens on all levels, emotional, physical, and spiritual. It is a process and we all need the support of close friends, family, groups, and sometimes professionals to adjust and deal with it. The bottom line is that it is a time of honoring one's own well-being and surrendering into the unfolding of life's journey.

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